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Caring for Schools with CARE4U

Caring for Schools with CARE4U

COVID-19 has led to a dramatic loss to human life worldwide and gave an unprecedented challenge to the economic and social norm. The pandemic began on December 2019 and has since made such a drastic impact to public health, food systems and world of work. Millions of enterprises went to existential threat to their operations and billions of workforces are at risk of losing their livelihood.

In the Covid 19 crisis, humanity reorganized themselves to better equip and curb the spread of this widespread pandemic either through preventing amplifying events, such as crowded events, or by taking measures we know to protect ourselves and our loved ones. Each business or organization has begun either developing or acquiring their own screening systems in order to help detect and control this widespread virus within their territory.


By June 2020, EV-Dynamic has locally developed their very own solution designed to counter the spread of COVID-19 called CARE4U, a Covid Management Software that is packaged with a thermal imaging-based system designed for rapid, contact-free preliminary detection of elevated skin surface temperature.

CARE4U’s feature are as follows: –

  • Fast & Smooth process
  • Easy integration to various third-party equipment
  • Cloud Based Registration with interactive dashboard
  • Contact Tracing, Attendance & Absence Management
  • Abnormal temperature alert system
  • Complies with Government’s stated SOP


Beginning in July 2020, EVD has deployed the CARE4U for schools which is a QR-based solution that provides a fast and convenient way in capturing the temperature and details of students, staff and visitors before entering the premise. Following that, EVD has collaborated with 5 different schools in implementing the CARE4U system into their screening process especially for their students & teachers. The list of schools that participated are SJKC Tun Tan Cheng Lock (Subang Jaya), SJKC Ying Wah (Kapar), SJKC (Kapar), SJKC Yu Hwa (Johor) and SMK Sultan Abdul Samad (Klang, Khas).


Key features of the CARE4U for School includes:

  • Cloud-based Self Check in System
  • Student, Staff & Visitor Registration
  • Admin Dashboard
  • User Friendly Scan & Go Concept
  • Integration with Non-Contact thermal scanning devices





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