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Communication Systems

In the railway operations, communication system is critical in ensuring safe, smooth and efficient service. The railway communication system typically has the following six inter-related sub-systems where each has its own functionalities.

Data Transmission System (DTS)

Digital Transmission System (DTS) serves as the main backbone which supports the transmission of data across different rail systems. It interconnects various railway systems e.g. PABX, CCTV, PIS, etc., to distribute real-time data, voice and video information among the central station, passenger stations and operation stations.

Passenger Information System (PIS)

Serving as a prominent part of the communication system that convey relevant audio and visual information to railway users, Passenger Information System (PIS) delivers visual information such as train timetables, advertising, and infotainment through display panels, broadcasts audio information through Public Address (PA) speakers as well as centralized clocking system which provides the local standard time.

EV-Dynamic PIS allows single independent display solution to centralize integrated system and is developed in accordance to ISO 12207 and EN SIL2.

Public Address Branch eXchange (PABX)

With the primary need to provide internal communication among the railway operation personnel, Private Automatic Branch eXchange (PABX) allows them to communicate internally or remotely. It eases the communication between stations and central station which is very important especially in case of emergency.

Signaling Post Telephone (SPT)

Catering for the need of a communication tool for site personnel to communicate with control stations, Signaling Post Telephone (SPT) serves to fulfill this need as it is very crucial to have such a system especially during emergency period where verbal communication is needed.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

With advances in visual technology, Closed Circuit Television  (CCTV) system has became a highly demanded tool for real-time visual surveillance and verification purposes. With it, user is able to react promptly with necessary actions to ensure the safety of the railway operation.

Power Supply and Rectifier System

The Power Supply and Rectifier System provides the power source required to run the communication system equipment as well as lightning protection system.

EV – Dynamic take pride in our ability to design and implement effectively such critical communication system for the railway operation and in our ability to integrate them with other new or existing systems.

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