EV-Dynamic Finishes ANPR Installations for West Coast Expressway - EV Dynamic
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EV-Dynamic Finishes ANPR Installations for West Coast Expressway

EV-Dynamic Finishes ANPR Installations for West Coast Expressway

EVD Team at WCE Site

EV-Dynamic Sdn Bhd has completed the project for the implementation of the Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) system that is commissioned by West Coast Expressway Toll Collection System (WCE TCS). RTS Technology was the main contractor for the project and partnered with TERAS Teknologi to ensure the successful implementation of the entire project.  The project kickstarted on May 2019 where EV-Dynamic was commissioned to install the ANPR on the Toll Collection System throughout the expressway that covers a total of 11 locations.




In-bound Changkat Chermin Toll Plaza

The West Coast Expressway has managed to completely build 8 locations throughout the proposed 11 toll collection stations which allowed EV-Dynamic to finalize the installation of the 8 locations. On average, 1 location will have approximately 10 lanes and each lane will be installed with a camera that is fitted with an AI based ANPR Engine as the core engine of the entire system. By March 2021, all 8 locations have been fitted and are undergoing performance test completion verification to summarize and ensure the functionality, health status, and performance are on standard.

After ANPR installation completion, the performance test was carried out in a span of thirty (30) days to ensure that the ANPR system that has been installed are performing at an acceptable performance and complied with the highway operations. The AI database managed to collect and analyze around 240,000 plate number in order to verify and determine the accuracy benchmarking.


Out-bound Setiawan North Toll Plaza

The AI based ANPR Engine made locally by Recogine Technology currently has a detection rate of 99.5% with an accuracy of 90% for the number plate recognition. Number plates in Malaysia can be divided into two groups, compliant and non-compliant, to which Malaysian Road Transport Department (JPJ) has placed guidelines for the recommended number plates specification. With this in mind, EV-Dynamic has managed to grow the database of vehicle number plate using deep learning technology that enable the AI to obtain a 90% accuracy in plate number recognition that is catered to Malaysia & Philippines.

EV-Dynamic is a leading turnkey system integrator company that specializes in Intelligent Transportation System, Rail Systems & Engineering, Smart City & Healthcare solutions. Through clear understanding of market and demand, EV-Dynamic has expanded the range of services to deliver innovative, wider, up-to-date and competitive solutions that meet and exceeds the expectations.

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