Safe Smart City - EV Dynamic
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Safe Smart City

Smart City Improve Quality of Life
Significantly improve urban quality of life such as mobility, public safety & security, and environment.

Safety, security, smart, liveable, green & sustainable, connectivity, communications, prosperity are the new norms when planning for the cities of tomorrow, smart cities. Most cities typically generate more than 75% of the nation’s GDP but at the same time contribute about 70% of CO2 emissions. More than 50% of the population are staying in cities.

On top of these, ever increasing challenges managing urban development include addressing crime rates, traffic congestion, air and noise pollutions, scarcity of resources like land and clean water.

EV-Dynamic’s experience in providing safety and security solutions, ICT and Telecommunications for townships, highways, rail, hospitals, institutions, makes it well positioned to provide the building blocks of a smart city.

Public Safety & Security

  • Integrated Security
  • Modern Policing

Smart Mobility

  • Intelligent Traffic Management
  • Integrated Telecommunication Infrastructure


  • Smart Energy Management
  • Smart LED Streetlight Management System