Traffic Management Control System (TMCS) - EV Dynamic
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Traffic Management Control System (TMCS)

Every city needs an effective transportation and mobility system and, in smart cities, this takes the form of an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS).


EV-Dynamic provides a unified Traffic Management Control System (TMCS) that streams real-time transport data from the entire traffic infrastructure into a central Transportation Management Centre (TMC). The TMC acts as the nerve center for Smart City transportation network. Our TMCS encompasses systems such as vehicle counting and classification, incident detection, traffic surveillance video, traffic event alerts, interactive map view as well as traffic data analytic and visualization. TMCS processes and consolidates Traffic Control and Surveillance System (TCSS) data, enabling an efficient operation and control of the transportation network and disseminating real-time updates to travellers. TMCS’s user-friendly GUI allows TMC operators to visualize the information in map view for intuitive understanding and effective management of the traffic.

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